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  Methods, Algorithms for Operations REsearch

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Replication Column Generation Compatibility graph Capacity Expansion Benders decomposition Wavelength minimization Heuristic Integer Programming Clearing algorithms K-MBVST Sparse splitting Complexity Chordal graphs K-Adaptability Complexité Variable link capacity Optimisation combinatoire Light-forest Exascale All-optical WDM networks Approximation algorithm Lot-sizing problem Branch-and-Cut Vehicle routing Wireless sensor networks Free space optics Integer Linear Programming ILP Branch vertices constraint Light-tree Integer programming Light-trail Linear and mixed-integer programming Longest path Checkpointing Path generation Approximation algorithms Homomorphisme Dynamic programming FSO Model Driven Engineering Multicommodity flows Homomorphism MODEL-CHECKING Bi-level programming Lot-sizing Fault-tolerance Hierarchy Branch and Price Light-hierarchy Linear programming Approximation ratio Column generation IoT Optimisation WDM network Approximation Complexity & approximation Localisation Energy-aware engineering Layered formulation Coupled-tasks Affine routing Bass model Graph theory Degree constrained minimum spanning hierarchy Kidney exchange Cutting plane Routing Robust optimization Coupled-task scheduling model Combinatorial optimization Constrained shortest path ILP MILP Investments optimization FPT algorithm Budgeted uncertainty Spanning problems Parallel job Optimization Scheduling FPTAS Spanning tree Approximability Makespan minimization Robust Optimization Network design K-adaptability Lifetime Multicast routing Time windows Degree-Constrained Spanning Problem Scaffolding Spanning Hierarchy MBVST Quality of service RPL Matching Réseaux de capteurs Constraint programming