S. Interconnections and .. , , p.44

.. Matching, , p.44

.. System-simulation, , p.47

C. , , p.47

D. , , p.50

C. Design and .. ,

L. New-architecture-of, , p.53

L. New and R. ,

S. , , p.58

R. , 4.2.1 New system simulation, p.58

C. , , p.58

D. , , p.59

, capacitor, which needs 3337s to be fully charged In the case of 15mA current the system requires 101s to charge, while the fixed capacitor needs 147s

, Figure 41. The charging of the system for 700?? current compared with a fixed 400mF capacitor

, Figure 42. The charging of the system for 15m? current compared with a fixed 400mF capacitor

, In figure 43 is presented the worst speed condition analysis for charging current 700??. Here the system needs 104s to charge and still manages to alter the configurations properly

, Figure 47.The discharging of the system for 50m? current compared with a fixed 400mF capacitor

, In worst one condition analysis the system operates properly and needs 16290s to discharge for 2?? current, as it is indicated in figure 48

, Figure 48.Worst one condition analysis for discharging current 2??

, Finally, for discharging current of 50mA the system needs 28s in worst one condition (figure 49

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