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, Mérida-Venezuela, and a PhD in Computer Science at the Universidad de los Andes. He works at the Cenditel since, Juan Vizcarrondo is System Engineer, 2007.

V. M. Merida, . Sc, and . Paris-france, He completed post-doctorate studies at the University of Houston, researcher at the Microcomputer and Distributed Systems Center (CEMISID) at the same university. Member of the Mérida Science Academy and the International Technical Committee of the IEEE-CIS on Artificial Neural Network. Ernesto Exposito earned his engineer degree in computer science from the "Universidad Centro-occidental Lisandro Alvarado, Computer Sciences in 1991 from the University Paul Sabatier-Toulouse-France. Ph. D degree in Computer Sciences in 1995 from the University Rene Descartes, 1994.

, Since 1997 she is Associate Professor in control and discrete event systems at the Institut National des, Audine Subias received a PhD degree in 1995 and a M.S.degree in 1992 in Informatique Industrielle